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Create promise chains from arrays

Yo. It’s been a while since my last post. And this is nothing special, but something I quite often use and find very useful.

When working with promises, you sometimes need to wait for more than one promise to resolve. Most time Promise.all will solve this for you.

  .then(results => {})
  .catch(err => {}));

This works just fine, but there is one caveat: the promises in the array already have been created and are doing their stuff. But, if you have a chain of functions, and rely on results from previous promise, you can’t use Promise.all.

Reduce that promise

To fix this, you simply can use Array.prototype.reduce:

const reducePromises = fns => fns.reduce(
  (chain, link) => chain.then(
    result => new Promise(link(result))
  ), Promise.resolve()

And use it as

// This array usually is somehow generated, otherwise
// there'd be no need to use a reducer.
const chain = [
  () => (resolve, reject) => {
    return retrieveSomeInfo(resolve);
  someInfo => (resolve, reject) => {
    const detail = someInfo.detail;
    return doSomethingWithDetail(detail).then(resolve);

  .then(chainResult => {
    // Hoorraaay!
  .catch(err => {
    // Oh no..

Of course the example is pretty dumb, as you could just write it down as a normal promise chain. The good thing about reducePromises is, that you can easily compose chains of logic.

For those of you that are not yet familiar with ES2015 style JS, here is the same reducer in good’ol ES5:

function reducePromises(fns) {
  return fns.reduce(function (chain, link) {
    return chain.then(function (result) {
      return new Promise(link(result));
  }, Promise.resolve());

var chain = [
  function () {
    return function (resolve, reject) {


And that’s it. Promises ftw.