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CSS that will break any iOS 7 Browser


this only happens, if you have an error on the polygon or circle or what else you’ve got in the clip-path definition:

polygon(50% 50%, 10% 10%, 0%, 0%)

Note the last, missplaced comma!

Nevertheless, this should not bring an entire browser down..

Check the update: Demo

The following code will cause any iOS 7 browser (they are all the same: safari webkit, even chrome) to crash. (example code has been updated)

@-webkit-keyframes {
    0% {
        -webkit-clip-path: polygon(15px 99px, 30px 87px)
    100% {
        -webkit-clip-path: polygon(12px 99px, 10px, 87px)

It doesn’t matter what polygon you are trying to create, just polygon will break it. The wrong placed comma at 100% actually does it.

The good news is, afaik it only crashes when using polygon(), not with e.g. circle(). Also wrong.

The bad news is obvious.. This was an hour of testing and it was not worth it.